The Farmers Pantry


Five Points Bakery's commitment to simple honest food can be seen in the open kitchen where you can watch everything we do, and on our grocery shelves where you can purchase all of the ingredients we use.


Ready to bake Cinnamon Rolls


House-made Organic Brown Sugar


House-made Maple Walnut Granola


House-made Organic Pancake Mix


Free Range Eggs


Organic Raw Sugar


Raw, Wildflower and Clover Honey


Gimme! Coffee Beans


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla


Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil


Ithaca Milk


Sweet Jersey Butter


Five Points' Pastry Flour


Five Points' Bread Flour


Ithaca Yogurt


Hawthorne Valley Sauerkraut and Pickled Carrots


Woodstock Peanut Butter


Sarabeth's Jam


Pastured Chicken


Red Jacket Juice


Grass-fed Beef